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Cityguide Salzburg During Winter

Insidertip #1 - Shopping - Belt Maker Schliesselberger

Traditional Salzburg craftsmanship. A jewel of Salzburg architecture and craftsmanship is located in the “Dreifaltigkeitsgasse 4” in Salzburg and is called "Belt Maker Schliesselberger". Since the year 1422 the tanner and leather production is located in this street and since 1820, the business is owned by the family Schliesselberger. Find a huge selection of belts, buckles and anything else made of leather in this store.


Dreifaltigkeitsgasse 4, 5020 Salzburg

Insidertip #2 - Culture - Christmas time

A special event during the winter months of December and January in Salzburg and its surroundings are the traditional “Perchten” or “Krampus” runs. "Krampus" is the name for the wild and shaggy companion of Saint Nicholas. They usually occur in larger groups in traditional costumes and hand-carved masks. Each mask is unique and is made of a complex mask carving. The time of the Krampus is the December 6 and the days immediately before.
​During the so-called "Raunächte" (December 6, December 22 and January 6), you can also experience the "Perchten". Individually or in a group they run through the city and make noise with their big bells to drive out the winter.

In Salzburg & Salzburg Area

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